Success in Recruitment

While living in the greater Houston area, I recruited and maintained a studio of 45 young trumpeters from three different school districts. The recruitment and retention of a studio of this size requires active interest and involvement of the supporting school music program by a studio instructor that is willing to invest the time in their students to see that they are receiving the best musical education possible. It is also important to create a positive and trustworthy connection with the secondary school music educators in the area in order to create opportunities for the students as well as opportunities for professional development and mutual learning between music education colleagues. 

Recruitment Plan

The lasting success of a private studio is contingent on the matriculation of curious and hard-working students that contribute to their learning community in a positive, thoughtful and meaningful way. My plan for recruitment involves:

  • Fostering partnerships with high school music educators locally and around the region.
  • Offering master classes and performances at area schools.
  • Quality student performance through solo and trumpet ensemble opportunities.
  • Student involved musical service to the university and the community.
  • Pursuing student and faculty performances on and off campus.