I currently teach a private studio of undergraduates at Washington and Lee University, James Madison University, and Southern Virginia University. In addition to my teaching responsibilities at W&L, JMU, and SVU, I also teach high school and middle school students in the Shenandoah Valley region. Lesson duration and rates are negotiable. If you are interested in taking lessons, please contact me at rossahlhorn@me.com. 

Teaching Philosophy

It is important to me that my students participate in a positive learning community made up of a diverse group of colleagues who are at different places along the path to developing musicianship and professionalism. Students in my studio receive instruction that stresses the importance of the fundamental skills of posture, respiration, tone quality, range, pitch, articulation, flexibility, ear-training, sight reading, and musical phrasing. 

Level-Appropriate Repertoire

Repertoire is specifically picked for each student in order to challenge them in specific areas of their playing while setting the student up for effective performance and musical growth. Each piece of music is intended to be used as a musical vehicle for the application of fundamental skill and style to further the student's understanding of music history, performance, and pedagogy. 

Eclectic Performance Experience

My students are encouraged to explore varied performance situations that include but are not limited to: big band, jazz combo, period performance practices, contemporary music, as well as small and large brass ensembles. Modern musicians are required to be flexible in terms of style, genre, and performance venue. A varied performance experience is an invaluable resource in the development of young musicians.